Friday, 11 July 2014

Pre-race excitement/nerves...

Just one more day until I take on Challenge Running's Saffron Trail Ultra, 6pm tomorrow I will be beginning a 70 mile race from Southend to Saffron Walden.
I am excited to get going now, even though the pre-race nerves have hit already! Mentally and physically I am completely ready for this, I know I've trained hard and am in the best shape I've ever been before a race.

I have a plan for the race that I'm not going to share as so much can change as you run. I don't know how much the dark will affect me. Navigation I am pretty happy with I have run most of the sections I will be doing in darkness so as long as I concentrate all should be good. With a full moon and creepy grave yards to run through it could be my fastest ever!! 

      This will be fun in the dark!!

I have been obsessively checking the weather forecast all week as though that's going to make it perfect running conditions but what will be, will be...

So give me a thought Saturday night as you tuck up warm and cosy into bed, I will be out in the Essex countryside somewhere. If you want to sponsor me please go to and help me raise funds for Moorfields Eye Charity.

Enjoy your weekend and happy running xx 

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