Sunday, 20 July 2014

Moving forward...

So it's been a week since Saffron Trail and although still disappointed I am ready to move forward and focus on my training and preparation for The Chiltern Way Ultra, which is only 6 weeks away.

It's been an emotional week and I have learnt a lot about ultra running and maybe more importantly about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. This is a good thing as there is stuff I can do to address the weaknesses, six weeks isn't long but having finished work for the summer holidays I have the time to train without any distractions! 

Having Lindley as my coach has been great this week as on my own I possibly wouldn't have addressed where it went wrong. Having someone to tell you and give advice has turned what could have been very negative for my running in something more positive. Also by Tuesday I desperately wanted to run, it was as though I needed to prove to myself that I still could! I sent Lindley a message asking if I could as my training plan was to rest until Friday. The reply was 'no walk the dog!' So I counted down the hours until Friday and even a massive thunder storm wasn't going to stop me going for that run! Again left to my own devices I would have gone out much too soon and not recovered properly, I only realised how tired my legs still were when I tried to act as guide runner for my son, who's registered blind, at parkrun yesterday, he went off much faster than I could manage and he had to run unguided. 

Over the next few weeks I will be training hard, getting in some more night runs to build my confidence running and navigating in the dark, and trying to get mentally prepared for what I know is going to be a massive challenge at the end of August. Saying that I am more determined than ever to finish The Chiltern Way Ultra.

      This will be my mantra over the next few weeks 

Have a great week and happy running xx 

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  1. #NickiEdwardsisbonkers :-)

    Love u blogs but this one especially , your positivity after Saffron is a credit to both you and Coach Lindley x