Monday, 28 July 2014

It's all mental...

So the school holidays are here and I have time to breathe, do 'mum' stuff (cleaning, tidying etc!) and concentrate on training, it's great!!

Also been reading... Lindley leant me Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training for Runners and it's got some really good stuff in it about embracing pain, deciding not to slow down when it hurts and that some suffering means you're working hard and that's how you should feel so it's a good thing! Having taken this on board I've given this some thought whilst running and at boot camp and it really helps. I've always used the excuses 'I can't run well when it's hot' 'I'm no good in the heat' etc so with last week's hot weather I changed my mindset and told myself I could run in the heat and maintain the pace I was supposed to be running at and chose not to use the heat as an excuse not to run as fast as I am able and I just about managed it. Thinking 'yes I'm too hot, I'm dripping with sweat and uncomfortable but that's ok doesn't mean you need to slow down' actually worked and I had some pretty good runs last week. Also tried the same techniques at boot camp pushing myself to do a few more reps or sprint a bit faster. 

Something else I realised this week is that my race number for The Chiltern Way Ultra is the same as Saffron Trail, number 3. Very sensible friends and the sane, rational part of my brain knows it doesn't matter what number I'm wearing it won't affect how I run. The slightly crazy, superstitious part of my brain, that bit that makes me salute lone magpies, not open umbrellas indoors, put new shoes on tables etc says differently! I'll let you know which bit wins this battle!!! 

Looking back at my running year so far I am surprised at how much I've changed and I still have so much to learn as I'm still fairly new to ultra running, but I feel I am heading in the right direction. I love having something in my life that makes me happy that I look forward to and that enables me to see beautiful parts of the countryside and that ability to keep pushing myself further. Then there are all the people it has brought into my life. What's not to love...

Have a good week and happy running xx 

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  1. You are the only other person I know who salutes lone magpies.... Apart from the guy who got me saluting them in the first place 😀