Sunday, 29 June 2014

Crazy but enjoyable June training...

It's been a crazy June, my toughest training month to date, 291.48 miles of running, 1032.8 for the year so far... 

  This sums it up, apart from going to work, my house and garden have been totally neglected!!!

I have been happily surprised at how my body has adapted quite quickly to this level of training. Setting the alarm for 4:30am to get 10 miles in before work has been ok and I have just about got used to surviving on less sleep, ok there has been an evening or two where I have fallen asleep on the sofa about 8pm only to be woken by my daughter suggesting I may as well go to bed, but on the whole it's been ok. I have to admit I was a little daunted when I first got June's schedule from Lindley but I have completed every session on it and enjoyed it!
I have loved the back to back long runs at weekends and I can run on tired legs, not always quickly but I can keep plodding along. I have an array of drinks and snacks that I now know I can eat on long runs without upsetting my stomach, I struggle a bit to eat when it's hot but otherwise I think I've finally got this eating and running thing sorted! 

     Some photos from training runs in June 

So The Saffron Trail Ultra is only two weeks away and The Chiltern Way Ultra two months, have a look at Challenge Running's website for more information on these races. This months training has left me feeling very positive about both events. I have run a fair amount of the Saffron Trail and happy that navigation isn't going to be a big issue, though I guess things will look different in the dark! I am definitely fitter and stronger than I was at the beginning of the year and much more focused on my running. I guess some people will never understand my passion (obsession) with running but I am lucky that I have a good circle of running friends who do. 

The next two weeks are all about tapering and getting everything ready for Saffron, maybe I'll even mow the lawn!!! 

Have a good week and Happy running xxx 

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  1. Great read as always . Good luck for Saffron but u don't need it cos u have done all the hard work x