Sunday, 15 June 2014

Crazy mileage and Stour Valley Marathon...

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks, been just too busy actually running!!! Have to admit to being a bit worried when I received June's training schedule but it's all going ok, 68 miles last week and over 80 this week. My legs are tired but I'm not destroyed and I can't wait for my next ultras.

My alarm is set for 5am or slightly earlier every morning so that I can get most of my training in before work during the week, weekends are all about back to back long runs this month. Yesterday I ran 21 miles with Lindley on The Saffron Trail and today I ran the Stour Valley Marathon which was 27 miles so a tough weekend. Was really glad of meeting up with Cherie today early on in the race, was great to have some company and between us we didn't get lost and it was a great event. Definitely one to do again next year.

      Photo stop on the Stour Valley Marathon

This was a new event and was really well organised, a beautiful scenic trail run, great training as I wasn't racing hard today, the first fifteen miles were pretty good, but the final twelve were tough. Cherie was great company and it was good to see Lindley and Angela at the finish line. 

Managing to get these high mileage weeks done is great, I am thoroughly enjoying it and it never feels like a chore, every run is a step closer to achieving a good finish at The Saffron Trail, which is now less than a month away and then The Chiltern Way Ultra which I know is going to be tough but I do spend a lot of time thinking how great it's going to be to cross that particular finish line, tend not to dwell too much on the 133 miles to get there. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I'm feeling fitter and stronger than ever, and mentally it's good for me to think about finishing. Then in October it will be Stort 30 and all being well me finishing Challenge Running's Grand Slam. Such an exciting running time ahead over next few months! 

So it's still all going well, I'm discovering some stunning parts of the Essex countryside, have great support from my family and friends and I'm pushing myself harder than ever before. 

     Cherie and I with our well deserved 'horseshoe medals' 

Have a great week and happy running xx 

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