Monday, 24 March 2014


It's a question I get asked on a regular basis. I've talked about it before but it really is a hard question to answer definitively. I run for lots of reasons, it all started because I needed to lose some weight it was that or buy bigger clothes, running seemed a cheap and easy option!! If someone had told me 12 years ago when I was plodding around the block just to get in better shape that I'd now be planning to run 125 miles non stop I would have laughed. London Marathon was on my 'worm food list' and a year or so after taking up running without really understanding what I was taking on I got a charity place to run. I trained thinking once it was done that would be it, it would be ticked off and life would go on like before...
5:47 that first London Marathon took me, at the end I said never again, I felt awful and my feet were a mess, but within days I was thinking with more training, more knowledge etc I could run it faster! That was 10 years ago and now running, thinking about running, talking about running, reading about running etc etc fills a massive part of my time. Am I obsessed, addicted, maybe, well probably but I think it's a healthy addiction/obsession. Getting up at 5am to run or go to boot camp isn't a chore, I look forward to it. I like that when I get to work I've probably covered more miles than most people do all week. I like the way it makes me feel, how I look, how my body keeps going long after you think it would have had enough.

I like running alone, lost in my own thoughts, forgetting about all the everyday stuff for a while. Recently I've discovered I like running with other people. I like spending time with people who understand, those who don't need to ask why... (Though some still do when you talk of ultra marathons!)  I like the sense of achievement when you finish a run or race. I have my medals on display in my living room, I'm proud of what I have done in the last 10 years, I hope I'm a good role model to my children, that they have learnt if you work hard you can achieve your goals.

     I'm proud of my wall! 

I can't ever see a time when I won't want to run, there are still so many races/events I want to take part in. I want to keep pushing my body, I want to see just how far it's capable of going and then I'll probably push it further! 

This blog is for all those runners I've met over the past 10 years, some have helped during a race and I've never seen again, many have become firm friends and always will be. You are all amazing and I love you all.

Don't think I've really answered why, not convinced there is a definitive answer. All I do know for sure is there are many, many trails out there still to be explored...

Have a great week and happy running xx 


  1. I've come to the conclusion that the person who asks 'why' will never really understand the answer. Best just say 'Because'! Great post x

  2. You've made me stop and think Nicki and it is not easy to answer why - I'm glad you had a go though makes interesting reading, thanks.