Sunday, 9 March 2014

Post race euphoria...

So a week has gone by since St Peters Way and still I am reliving it and grinning as I do so!! Not sure why but this race has got to me like no other, I was happy after I completed The Wall last year but not on this scale! I have worn my event t-shirt for 4 of the last 7 days and find myself talking about it to anyone who isn't sick and tired of hearing about it (and some that are!!) I don't plan to go on and on about it in this blog as I have other stuff to delight you with, but I will share one final photo of the day's event!

This week I am going to waffle a bit about having a coach and has it made a difference...
It's been 2 months now and I've stuck to the training plans and completed an event so it's a good time to reflect on whether it has made a difference to my running. Quite simply it's a massive yes, both physically and mentally. I am definitely fitter than I was two months ago, my legs feel stronger I have lost weight and feel good. My steady, not pushing it pace is quicker than it was and can keep to a consistent pace for longer, there isn't quite so much speeding up and slowing down!! 
Mentally it has been really good for me to have someone to talk to about how it's all going, how to pace myself in an event or training run, the expected highs and lows of running ultra marathons. Kit, nutrition and hydration advice are all helping to make me a better runner. 
I know I still have stuff to work on, I didn't get my nutrition right last Sunday, need to be eating much more right from the start of a race, eating lots isn't something that is usually a problem for me ha ha!! 

I really am beginning to feel I can end up being a half decent ultra runner, even if I'm not the speediest, I am feeling excited about Saffron Trail and The Chiltern Way Ultra, I know if I continue to work hard, listen and take on board the advice I am being given that I can complete this years challenges. 
My next goal is to get a marathon PB at Halstead in May, so more hard work to come over next couple of months, and with Lindley running with me on the day I am optimistic that the long awaited sub 4:30 marathon will finally happen!
Also in May I will be part of Lindley's crew when he runs Grand Union Canal ultra, 145 miles from Birmingham to London, this will be a great opportunity to see what running those sorts of distances does to the body (and mind!) and how runners deal with it, how they fuel, hydrate etc, every chance to learn has to be of help when I run The Chiltern Way Ultra in August. 

I know joining a running club works for some and I guess is cheaper but for me having a personalised plan of what I'm doing and when that is written to fit in with work, kids, life etc just suits me better. Having someone who will answer queries, worries, tell me to 'man up' if necessary and wants me to do well is added motivation to get out there and work hard. 

The most important thing in all of this though is the fact that I'm having a great time, enjoying my running and having fun, what more can a runner want...

Have a great week and happy running xx (and if anyone wants to hear more about St Peters Way just ask!!!) 

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  1. I am so happy for you that it has spurred you on to more and Lindley must be so pleased with the results of all the hard work. Can't wait to read more about the ultra running adventures.