Monday, 31 March 2014

Intervals and a new PB...

441 miles run so far this year and it's all going really well...

Last week I particularly enjoyed my training, I did my first ever interval session on Tuesday, 10 minute warm up then 60 seconds as fast as I could followed by 2 minutes recovery repeated 10 times. Looked ok on the training plan stuck to the fridge! The reality was it was tough and I really thought I was going to throw up during the final four, but apparently that means I was doing it right so all good!!! 

Saturday was a Parkrun day, I really wanted to do a good time and was feeling positive, a last minute change of venue after Colchester Parkrun was cancelled saw me arriving at Maldon with only a couple of minutes to spare before the start. It is an easier route than Colchester (no hills) but I was still over the moon with a new 5k PB of 25:23 and was the second lady to finish. I will definitely be returning to Maldon but really want to see if I can improve my Colchester time of 25:57! 

Sunday was a 20 mile trail run and it was a lovely morning, I ran The John Ray Walk which is from Braintree to Witham and back. It was reasonably well waymarked and I had no major navigational problems. Still need to eat more, not sure why I struggle so much with this while I'm running, I like eating!!! But it is something I need to address and get right with The Saffron Trail and The Chiltern Way Ultra not too many months away. Never thought practicing eating would be something I needed to do. The funniest moment of my run involves answering a call of nature, I hadn't seen anyone else since setting out and in a field in the middle of nowhere I really needed a wee! I stepped off the path and behind a hedge after a quick scan to make sure I was alone. I did what was needed and still adjusting my shorts walked back onto the path and that's when I looked up to see a man with a gun over his shoulder, dog by his side walking towards me. A quick smile and I continued my run, he must have known (or seen!!) what I was doing, but I guess as my ultra running career progresses this won't be the first amusing toilet story!!! 
It was nice to run across fields and through woods without the ankle deep mud I've grown accustomed to, and in the sunshine it was a really enjoyable run.

A few photos from a Sunday morning trail run, look no mud!!! 

I now have April's training plan from Lindley and it's going to be a tough month, lots of speed work, hills and intervals to get me ready for Halstead Marathon. Strangely looking forward to it and have finally stopped tagging myself with the label of being a 'slow runner' I am getting quicker and it's positive thinking all the way!! 

The photo below is the message in my Mothers Day card from my children, makes it all (even more) worth while.

Have a great week and happy running xx 


  1. Another good read :-) you are doing so well and your positivity is great

  2. It is strange to think of eating whilst running but with your distances it has to be a big part of your planning. I love your photo montage - makes me want to get out there!!