Monday, 24 February 2014

Stopping the world and getting off...

This week I am in the middle of my taper for Sunday so not much running to report, just some short gentle runs to keep everything moving, but mostly I'm checking and rechecking kit. Loving my new ultimate Dirsction SJ race vest so much more comfortable than my old backpack, looking forward to trying it out properly on Sunday and I highly recommend very, very quick delivery and great products.

There has been lots of talk on different forums/groups recently as to why people run and many different answers. I was thinking about this whilst on the train today, I guess I'm no different to hundreds of others always busy, the usual stress and worry that countless adults deal with everyday, but today was one of those days where I just wanted to stop the world and get off... And that's when it hit me that's exactly what running is for me. Selfish or not but Sunday will be my day to 'stop the world and get off' it will be my day, my 45 miles and that's all I will have to think about. I wouldn't be ready for the start line without the support of all my friends and family, my family especially for not moaning about the hours I spend training, talking about training/racing/running etc. I couldn't do it alone and nor would I want to, the training/kit/nutrition/hydration advice from Lindley has been brilliant but on Sunday when I leave the start line it will be down to me. I can switch off from all the other boring grown up stuff and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other until I cross the finish line, and I know, even though  already a little nervous, that I can do it. The support from other runners, checkpoint volunteers and anyone else involved will be much needed and greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to seeing friendly faces at CP3! 

So Sunday will be spent running St Peters Way Ultra, it will be my day to stop the world and get off, have some fun and enjoy doing what I love most. 

Have a good week all and happy running xx 

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  1. Sounds perfectly sane to me Nicki - have a fabulous run - can't wait to hear all about it!