Monday, 17 February 2014

Running and romance...

Ok so there was no romance so we'll stick to talking about running ha ha!! 

49 miles of training last week, 100 for February so far and 255 for the year, probably my highest mileage start to a year ever. Now I'm tapering for St Peters Way Ultra, which is less than two weeks away. Really looking forward to it and happy that a friend I met during London 2 Brighton in 2012 has decided to take part. Should be a good day and I'm prepared as much as I can be for the inevitable mud!

This weekend I ran back to back long runs, on trail. I felt stronger than on my previous back to backs and they were longer so all this training must be doing something! One of the best things is exploring footpaths and trails that are on my doorstep but that I haven't been brave enough to take off on before. This navigation stuff isn't so scary once you get used to it, and a positive benefit, as well as discovering new runs, is that I'm much more aware of where I am, landmarks around me and I'm pleasantly surprised that my sense of direction really isn't too bad. 

So another running week is done, I'm still enjoying it more than ever so now to rest, enjoy half term, enjoy some shorter, gentle runs and look forward to my parcel from with my new race vest and other bits and pieces I really, really need arriving!! (Thanks Lindley for kit advice and Challenge Running Ltd for discount code) 

Was even treated to some sunshine this weekend!

Have a good week all and happy running xx


  1. No romance? I've always thought St Peter's Way sounds very romantic - good luck running it! Will you do a haul of your new equipment here - I know you put a photo on Commando Runners but it would be interesting to know what each piece is. Your week's running was my monthly goal!! You are an amazing runner!!

  2. Thank you. Will be talking about my new kit as I test it over coming weeks :)