Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thetford Iceni Marathon

I hadn't planned to run Thetford Iceni Marathon, I was just going to support but as it turned out and after my hideous day at The Chilterns I decided a marathon with friends was a good plan!

The day started with a quick run up Castle Hill, Richard had told me it wasn't possible to run up it so I did, maybe not the best thing to do an hour before a marathon starts but it was good fun!

The race started in a pub and was very civilised, coffee, a bacon roll, got kit sorted and we were ready to go.

      Ready to go...

The race started with a couple of miles through Thetford before heading out onto trails to Euston, it was an out and back race. The weather was pleasant and I was running with Rich, Andrew and Pete. The first few miles passed quickly and we were soon at the first checkpoint, a good selection of sweet and savoury snacks and plenty of drinks to choose from at each stop, along with helpful, friendly volunteers made it a great race.

      Enjoying the running 

The route was tough going, the navigation was pretty straightforward but the sandy soil and constant tree roots made it hard on the legs. I had a few negative moments and stressed for a while that I was slowing the others down but they assured me we had started together and were going to finish together. Eventually I relaxed and really enjoyed myself. I really have to find a way of conquering my head and stop it affecting my running!!

      Half way

After the turn around point we were joined by Jake, he was running his first marathon and hadn't run further than 15 miles before. He stuck with us despite being questioned about his marital status, job and all manner of other things (Rich is on a mission to find me a husband!!!!) Apparently he said I was 'cute but run too far!' But never mind still good to know I still have it, and after being told earlier in the day that I have chunky legs and was my middle name moose, cute was a definite improvement!! 

The last few miles were slow but even with the challenging route (unfortunately didn't get a photo of Richard falling over) Andrews sore knee, and me being a bit slow we made it back to Thetford and hand in hand crossed the finish line in a time of 5:49.

       Finish in sight! 

Have to say thank you to Kathi who we met early on in the race and gave me a hair band as I had forgotten one and my hair was driving me mad.

Thanks to Pete, Rich, Andrew and Jake for great company, good banter and making it an awesome day of running.
And finally well done to Mel Floyd for putting on a great race, well organised, challenging, lovely volunteers, lots to eat and drink and a really awesome medal. I will be back to try and do a better time.

      Awesome medal! 

Happy running all xx 


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