Friday, 11 September 2015

Streaking and future plans...

I'm at the end of my first week back at work after the summer holidays and call me mad (lots do!) but it's good to have some routine back...

The summer was amazing lots of running, loved exploring new routes, still smiling about Saffron Trail and have learnt from Chilterns mistakes! So what next...

First I'm having a September run streak not massive mileage but running every day and loving it, some days it's just a mile or two with Dugs (my dog) other days a bit further. I have signed up for a couple of events this month too just to get the racing mojo back so will be off to the inaugural Thetford marathon on Sunday with friends, then a 42 mile ultra at the end of the month. Enjoyment is my running word of the month and so far it's going well!!

      Summer running fun!

As for longer term plans, I have spent some time thinking about what I want to achieve with my running and there are still long, long races out there I want to do. Next year though, I'm going to build on my successes from this year and make sure I'm confident and happy with my ability, speed and navigation etc. So at the moment (and this will be subject to change!) I'm thinking St Peters Way, Malvern Ultra (52 miles) and my long race will be The Ridgeway (86 miles). Then in 2017 I will go back to The Chilterns and I will finish it!! 

Also I am going to have a bash at getting that sub 25 minute parkrun before the end of the year!!!! 

Have a great weekend and happy running, training, racing! X 

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