Tuesday, 19 August 2014

It's the final countdown...

1 week tomorrow... gulp!!! 

The Chiltern Way Ultra, this is the race I want to finish more than any other it's been on my mind for months and if (not if, when!) I finish I can enter The Hill, but that's a whole other story! For now my only focus is the Chilterns. 

Not sure how I'm feeling it changes from excitement to plain fear on a regular cycle throughout the day! 
I know I've done the training, running at night no longer seems as daunting, I'm happy with my kit choices, nutrition plan etc etc. Then someone says '133 miles, that's a long way...'

...Yes I know but I've stopped thinking about it as a whole, there are 8 checkpoints along the way, so nine fifteen mile runs. I can do that!! 

      This is my constant motto

I've spent many hours looking at maps, looking at check point cut off times and making a very loose plan to keep me on track and moving at a speed that's going to get me finished but not destroy me too early on. It all sounds simple on paper. It's getting out there and getting it done that's not so easy but I have a quiet determination that I will finish. 

I've trained hard this year, put in lots of miles, run on trails in all sorts of weather conditions and so I am as prepared as I can be physically. Mentally I just have to keep strong and know and accept there will be low points during the journey, but also high points and the biggest high of all when I reach the finish line! 

So a few more gentle runs over the next week, plenty of rest and then next Saturday the adventure will begin! 

Happy running all xxx 

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