Monday, 27 January 2014

Running with a coach week 2

So second week is done and it's still going well, most importantly I'm enjoying my running. 
This week I have run 37.68 miles bringing my January total to 137.44 and still a few days to go! 

This week there has been a tempo run which went well wasn't quite on target pace but was still running much faster than I normally do at 6am, an evening trail run, a recovery run and my first back to back long runs, I'll come back to those in a minute. Also been to 2 boot camps so all in all a good training week. My appetite has increased no end and anyone with any sense will not leave food laying around if it's edible and unattended I will eat it!!!

So back to back long runs... I decided to explore some of The Essex Way so staring at White Notley I head off for the first one on Saturday morning, well there was lots of mud and felt like I never got into a rhythm where I was running consistently for any distance! spent a lot of miles stressing about how slow I was progressing, I was enjoying the countryside but legs were heavy and when I finished 13.55 miles averaging 4.5 miles an hour I was worried!! On the plus side my new trail shoes are great. A message to Lindley and later a chat and the reassurance that I'm doing ok and that was a perfectly acceptable pace for the conditions and would be target pace for completing St. Peter's Way in 10 hours and I set off on Sundays run in a more positive frame of mind.
Thoroughly enjoyed Sundays run on The Essex Way going in the opposite direction, averaged 4.7 miles an hour, not much quicker, but it felt so much better, proving that a lot of this running stuff is mental! I enjoyed the scenery had a chat with an alpaca, splashed through the mud like a child and had a good time!

So again thanks to Lindley for the support and encouragement, thanks to Ian for understanding my unsocial running behaviour this weekend, going to have to get you to learn to love the mud ha ha!! 

Have a good week all and happy running xx 

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  1. Hi Nicki - just found you here! I have walked a lot of both the Essex and St Peter's Way before I started running so it is very good to read about them from a different perspective. Well done you in these very wet conditions!