Monday, 20 January 2014

First week with a coach

Just a quick blog today...
This week I have completed week one of my new training plan and it has gone really well. Early days I know but already have a little spark of confidence in my abilities that was missing before. 
Last weekend I ran a section of The Chiltern Way with Lindley and learnt lots about looking after myself and some insights into how my body might react to running over 100 miles.
An early morning trail run in the dark on Wednesday morning was great fun. Yesterday was another long one, I ran a section of St Peters Way, what can I say mud, mud and more mud, it felt painfully slow but enjoyed it and didn't get lost, following the route description was simple, running up hill through freshly ploughed, muddy fields wasn't!! 
So ran a touch under 40 miles last week, almost at 100 for the month but more importantly I'm enjoying it, having fun and feeling optimistic about this years running.

Have a great week and to all my running friends enjoy yourselves xxx 

Half way through yesterday's run!! 

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