Sunday, 5 July 2015

A new chapter...

Sometimes life throws stuff at you that makes you stop, think and reassess. I guess the last couple of weeks have done that for me. I don't write much about my personal life in these blogs and I am not planning on starting now as this is all about my running journey, but my training has been affected and I  needed to make some changes.

The biggest change is I decided being coached is no longer for me, I am physically fitter and stronger than I have ever been and I know from what I have learned that I can continue to train hard and know what sort of sessions I need to do in order to reach my full potential and finish races.

As for mental strength it is only me that can alter that, nobody can make me mentally stronger it has to come from me, I have to believe I am good enough, find ways to deal with highs and lows in races. Push myself on, beat cut offs and most importantly enjoy the journey.

The main reason for this blog is to thank Lindley for everything he has done for me over the past eighteen months. I wouldn't be the runner I am today without his help, support, advice and training plans. It has made a massive difference to me as a runner and I have great respect for him as a coach, race director and friend.

     At the end of St Peters Way (before the beard!)

I always enjoy taking part and helping out at Challenge Running events and will continue to do so as they are brilliant and there is still the small matter of a Grand Slam to finish! 

So again thank you for everything Lindley (and if anyone needs a running coach he is highly recommended)

Have a good week and happy running xx 

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