Sunday, 22 February 2015

Trying to train the head...

As we approach the end of February and my first ultra of the year training is going well, 223 miles for the year so far, missed a few sessions at the beginning of the month due to a virus doing the rounds at school. This was frustrating but couldn't be helped and I have learned from experience that training through a bug doesn't achieve much so reluctantly followed Lindley's advice just to take a few days and recover properly.

Have also been frustrated that the speedy sessions in my plan such as tempo runs, parkruns etc haven't been as speedy as they should have been. I do think it is a mental thing and not because I can't run that fast, I will keep persevering and am determined to run some sub 8 minute miles! 

On a more positive note my long runs have been going really well have run with Lindley, Maxine and Naomi at various times over the past month and managed to run some decent times and not feel completely destroyed at the end. Think I have found a nutrition strategy that works, nakd bars and Freddos alternately about every two miles! I have ordered some Nakd bars in bulk to get through St Peters Way next Sunday.

Physically I feel 100% ready (I am keeping well away from my son who has a cold and am washing my hands obsessively!) I know what I want to achieve and just need to keep mentally strong on the day. I am refusing to do the usual things this week that stress me before a race, so no continual checking of the weather forecast for Sunday, kit will be packed and then left alone and I will arrive at the start line calm and focused. Well that is the plan!! I really do believe my mental state beforehand plays a big part on performance on the day, so trying a different approach to see if it helps. On the day I know I can achieve my goals if I just keep my head in the right place. I will be running my own race, for me and no one else.
I am a different runner to this time last year, stronger and more focused and although I know it's easy to say all this from the warmth of my sofa I need to keep believing it for the 45 miles from Chipping Ongar to Bradwell-on-Sea.

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