Sunday, 28 December 2014


I don't tend to make New Years Resoloutions because by mid January they're usually forgotten about!

I do though have running goals...

My main and primary focus for 2015 is to complete Challenge Running's Grand Slam. Four ultra marathons (tough ones as I discovered this year!)

1. St Peters Way 45miles March
2. Saffron Trail 70 miles July
3. The Chiltern Way Ultra 133 miles August
4. Stort30  October

I have a couple of months of hard training coming up and a time to smash at St Peters Way in March, I know what went well and not so well in this years races but time to leave that behind and focus on getting it right this time round. Learn from the mistakes and be encouraged by the successes. I am a stronger, fitter runner than I was this time last year and am going to continue to be coached by Lindley. So that's me sorted for 2015, feeling optimistic and ready to give everything I've got to achieve my goal. 

I will continue to blog about my progress, training and races, thanks for reading this year.

Whatever your plans for 2015 make sure you have fun and happy running xx 

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