Monday, 19 May 2014

I believe...

Been an easy recovery week for me running wise but something strange has happened!! I know you are all wondering about the post title 'I believe' I expect you're on the edge of your seats with anticipation!!

Each run I did last week felt good, Friday morning I ran with Lindley and Maxine, 6 miles at an average pace of 9:20 minute miles and it didn't feel hard. I remember back in January when I had a tempo run which I was supposed to do at 9 minute miles and I struggled to do 9:30s. 
Saturday morning was Parkrun and I almost didn't go due to having a migraine but I did and thought I'd just run round and not worry about time. I actually felt ok as soon as I started running so pushed it a bit, I didn't continuously check my watch but on the last lap round the castle I was surprised to see I was at 23 minutes and with not far to go I stepped it up and managed 25:40 (official time) my watch said 25:26 but won't argue over a few seconds as it was still a Colchester Parkrun PB. 

     Parkrun concentration!!

I think that finally getting that sub 4:30 marathon last weekend has made me realise that I can run faster than I thought. Lindley has been saying you have to believe you can do it and suddenly this week   I do believe I can! The last four months, which really isn't very long, has seen my running improve in leaps and bounds and now my brain has cottoned on too!! Really excited about the next few months of training and events.

Have a great week and happy running xx 

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