Thursday, 12 December 2013

A crazy running year...

Well I can honestly say 2013 has been a great running year! Have loved it, lots of challenges, new friends and I think I am now an ultra runner, a very slow one but being out there running crazy distances is what I love to do!!

It's really hard to choose a favourite race as there are so many amazing memories from all of them, well apart from Run to the Beat but that one can be blanked from memory, no more mass participation, you must all be clones wearing the same t-shirt events for me!! 

The Wall was amazing and was really happy with my time of 18:38, a great event even if more was on road than I was expecting, but loved it, loved the support and the craziness of running into Newcastle at 2am with a couple of drunk blokes asking why I was running at that time and the look of disbelief when I said I'd run from Carlisle, another drunk lady who gave me £10 for my charity while I was checking in at my hotel. 

Endure 24 (or enjoy 24) as we renamed it was another highlight, a crazy weekend with great friends, and The 100 Mile run a four day run through the Cotswolds, probably my slowest, plaugued with niggles, but loved every minute, the camping, the sun, the rain, the last day when Bath never seemed to get any closer, the discovery of how many different ways you could undo a gate, unforgettable times.

A new PB at Halstead marathon, my favourite marathon, still not quite sub 4:30 but getting very close, next year, and Stort 30 was another great run with great friends.

This blog could go on and on and on as so many amazing running memories, but I can't finish without talking about all the amazing running friends I have met along the way, this year saw the formation, after Colchester half, of The Commando Runners (not named because we are highly trained, lean, mean fighting machines!!) an amazing group of people who support, encourage and have fun running and doing other stuff. You can always be sure that whatever local race you turn up at there will be a friendly face running, supporting, encouraging and Parkrun has become a real Saturday morning social occasion to start the weekend off well.

So looking to next year, 'Challenge 2014' has already been planned and plotted, Challenge Running Ltd, 4 events ranging from 30 to 125 miles, all entered, training underway, raising money for Moorfields Eye Hospital. Looks like 2014 will be another crazy, ultra running year... 

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